One Nation Overweight: Fighting Obesity in America

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Among American children aged 2 to 18, what percentage of their daily calories come from snacking?

  1. 10%-20%
  2. 20%-30%
  3. 30%-40%
  4. 40%-50%

According to a study published in Health Affairs magazine, American children between the ages of 2 and 18 derive a full 27% of their daily caloric intake from snacking. The study compared data from Federal diet surveys conducted between 1977 and 2006, and compared to thirty years earlier, snacks have increased calorie counts and snacking itself has become more frequent, with the majority of the nation's children supplementing their three meals a day with nonstop grazing on potato chips, soda and candy bars. "We are at the point where every age group in America is moving towards constant eating," said study co-author Barry Popkin, "and we see no evidence that's going to slow down."

SOURCE: Calorie-Heavy Snacks Help Push Childhood Obesity Rate Up | Washington Post