One Nation Overweight: Fighting Obesity in America

Quiz: QUIZ: Overweight And Obesity

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What fitness guru tipped the scales at 268 pounds when he graduated from high school?

  1. Gilad Janklowicz
  2. Harvey Walden IV
  3. John Basedow
  4. Richard Simmons

Fitness coach Richard Simmons has been a beloved figure for decades, legendary as much for his red shorts and Afro as he is for his nutrition and exercise advice. But believe it or not, the peppy, flamboyant trainer once struggled with his weight, just like the people he's counseled. He was raised in New Orleans' French Quarter where, according to his website, "lard was a food group and dessert mandatory." This led to the exercise guru growing up overweight and graduating from high school at an alarming 268 pounds. He eventually lost the weight through diet and exercise, and went on to open his own fitness center in 1974. Soon after, Simmons found himself on the stationary bike to stardom, releasing fitness videos, writing books and appearing as himself on "General Hospital" and "CHiPs."

SOURCE: A Biography Of Richard Simmons | RichardSimmons.com