Verizon To Get iPhone Within 12 Months, Says Analyst

Shares of Apple continue to wow Wall Street with the stock making a new all time highs ahead of the iPad launch.

But before we get to the iPad - the desk was quite excited to learn that according to published reports Apple is said to be developing two new iPhones And according to the WSJ, one of those new iPhones will be carried by Verizon .

Although Apple is always the object of rumors Canaccord Adams analyst Pete Misek suggests this may be more than a rumor. He's he's hearing much the same.

"The soonest it will be launched is June," Misek says on Fast Money. But "folks we talked to at Verizon say "they should be getting an iPhone within 9-12 months."

What will it look like? "Just like the iPhone 3G," he says.

CNBC's Jim Goldman thinks a deal with Verizon could expand the use of the iPhone dramatically.

"The choir music you hear in the background are all those disgruntled AT&T users who are desperate for a US based alternative carrier," says Goldman.

What do you think? We want to know!


Now back to the iPad.

It seems a minor shipping delay has just made its debut that much more exciting.

According to published reports, Apple moved back the shipping date for its iPad tablet to April 12th for customers who placed preorders. (However, those who ordered the tablet before Sunday, March 28th will still get it Saturday, April 3rd.)

Although there’s no comment for Apple about the delay it could be due to overwhelming demand.

Analysts for Morgan Stanley wrote in a note Monday they expect Apple to ship about 2.5 million units in its first quarter on the market, and more than 6 million units this year.

What’s the trade?

If Apple develops a phone with Verizon, it’s another reason to like Apple, says Joe Terranova. And I think it’s bearish for RIM .

I’d take the other side of that, I’m a buyer of RIM on the pullback, says Pete Najarian. If RIM pulls back to $70 I’m a buyer.

If Apple confirms the reports, I think the Street raises estimates, says Peter Misek. But I don't think it's a competitive threat to RIM. That's really a different offering.

I’m long Sprint, as a bullish bet on the new Evo and 4G network but this news makes me worry, says Brian Kelly.

And if you’re looking for a second derivative trade, I’d look at Intel , Marvel, Qualcomm and other chip names that feed into the device names, counsels Najarian.

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