Jobs Report on Good Friday: Let the Market Stew

Dear Readers,

The government's monthly jobs report will indeed be issued on Friday, despite it being a holiday.

Also, the futures market will be open until 11 a.m. and the bond market will be open until 12 p.m. (both times ET). will naturally be covering it. As our regular readers know, we update during holidays and weekends, rain or shine (okay, a few staff members are bitter about losing out on a three-day weekend). And there will be a special edition of CNBC's "Squawk Box" on air tomorrow (despite the fact that the network's live coverage is usually dark when U.S. markets are closed).

Why is the jobs number coming out on Friday when it is Good Friday and markets are closed? Well, the government's open (although you can bet a lot of government workers will take the day off anyway). And when the government's open then official government numbers come out. And the Bureau of Labor Statistics payroll and unemployment numbers traditionally come out on the first Friday of the month. Who dares to mess with tradition?

So the market will get to percolate over the job figures over the weekend. Remember, you can always check the futures here.

Regards and have a good weekend.

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