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Quiz: QUIZ: Alternative Energy

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In the 2008 New Hampshire Democratic primary debate, which candidate opposed the use of nuclear energy?

  1. Bill Richardson
  2. Cynthia McKinney
  3. John Edwards
  4. Tom Vilsack

In the 2004 Democratic primaries, Dennis Kucinich was the only candidate to oppose the use of nuclear energy. But four years and a failed presidential bid can change a man, and so in 2008, John Edwards joined the Ohio congressman 's side. In 2002, the North Carolina senator had voted for a nuclear waste storehouse in Yucca Mountain, but he later reversed his position and claimed that nuclear power would have "no place" as an energy source in an Edwards administration. This stance won him the support of celebrities such as Bonnie Raitt and anti-nuclear crusaders like Ralph Nader, but it didn't add up to too many votes, and he dropped out of the primaries less than one month later.

SOURCE: New Hampshire's Nuclear Primary | The Nation