Beyond the Barrel: The Race to Fuel the Future

Quiz: QUIZ: Alternative Energy

Question 3 of 10

As of May 2009, 88% of new cars sold in Brazil use what kind of fuel?

  1. Algae fuel
  2. Flex fuel
  3. Methanol fuel
  4. Wood fuel

As of 2003, cars with flexible-fuel capability have been on the rise. Also known as "Flex fuel," this energy source is a mixture of gasoline and alcohol, and its job-creation potential so impressed former president George W. Bush that he entered into a 2007 trade agreement with Brazil in exchange for it. Since then, the energy source has emerged as a major factor in the South American nation's economy, and since May 2009, 88% of all new cars sold in that country have been powered by it.

SOURCE: Sales Of Flex Cars Go Up In May To 210,400 Units | Economia.terra.com.br