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Quiz: QUIZ: What Do You Know About Famous Tax Evaders?

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Why did Richard Hatch say that he hadn't paid taxes on the money he won on "Survivor"?

  1. He claimed that CBS never paid him
  2. He lost all the money on cattle futures
  3. He resided in New Hampshire, which has no income tax
  4. He thought CBS was going to pay the taxes for him

In 2000, Rhode Island native Richard Hatch was the winning contestant on "Survivor," the CBS reality show. He collected over $1 million in prize money, and despite the fact that he did so on network television in front of millions of viewers, he reported not one thin dime of it to the IRS. Originally, when the authorities caught up with him, he had pleaded guilty in exchange for a lenient sentence, but he withdrew his plea, claiming that CBS had offered to pay the taxes for him. Unsurprisingly, this failed to persuade a jury of his peers, and he was sentenced to 51 months in prison.

SOURCE: Grand Jury Indicts "Survivor" Winner Richard Hatch On Charges Of Tax Evasion And Defrauding Charitable Contributors | Department of Justice