South Park Spoofs Cramer!

“Hello, fellow Facebookers. I’m here to do one thing – get you more friends!”

Cramer earned himself a spoof on Viacom's South Park last night, on an episode about Facebook and the importance of having the most popular people on your Friends list. To aid the South Park gang in their pursuit, Cartman took an approach much like Jim’s and launched his own podcast, Mad Friends.

Cartman used everything from Mad Money-style sound effects to our touch-screen charts to make his point. He cited catalysts and mergers as reason to friend or defriend someone. And he even rolled up his sleeves! Our favorite part, though, is news ticker at the bottom of the screen showing the percentage of friends gained and lost by people in town, along with their status updates.

You gotta see this, which is why we embedded the clip here for you to watch. Check it out.

And remember: “Update that profile, and steer clear of Kyle!”

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