Unpaid Flight Attendants Do Nude Calendar in Protest

Now that’s a negotiating tactic!

Source: Gadling.com

Nine flight attendants for Air Comet, a Spanish airline that went out of business in December, stripped off their uniforms and posed in the aisle, cockpit — and even on a jet engine — for a limited-edition calendar to call attention to the fact that they are owed up to nine months back wages, Reuters reports.

“We are just demanding our rights to receive what is ours,” Adriana Ricardo, aka Miss August, told the news service.

Only about 1,200 of the calendars, which sell for 15 euro (US$20), were printed.

It’s a brilliant strategy but here’s the fatal flaw: It’s unclear where the calendars are for sale!

If they started a Web site and made the calendars widely available, I’ll bet you they could make enough money to start their own airline!

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