Lockheed's Latest Weapon: "Defense Mechanism"

There really is a rock band made up of Lockheed Martin employees. Like all good defense contractors, the band has created something which annihilates opponents.

At least musically. ?

Last week I blogged about a YouTube rock music video called "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" celebrating Lockheed aircraft. One blogger called the musicians Lockheed's in house band. But the company told me there was no "in house band". Instead, they'd hired local musicians around the Dallas-Ft.Worth area for the video. ?

There may not be an "in house" band per se, but there are plenty of bands inside Lockheed Martin.

"There IS a band that IS all Lockheed employees," Bob Volk wrote me.

Courtesy of Defense Mechanism

Volk is a test technician at a Lockheed Martin facility in Syracuse, New York, where they produce radar systems.

Volk is also lead vocals for a band called Defense Mechanism, made up entirely of his co-workers.

They include Greg Gannett, a software engineer on keyboards and vocals, systems engineers Bob Gaus and Dave Lambrych on guitar, program manager Paul Smith, also on guitar, Jim Murphy, a manufacturing engineer who supplies bass and vocals, and Dan Morison, a machinist who drums.

How good is Defense Mechanism? Good enough to win the Syracuse Red Cross "Rockin' The Red Cross" battle of the bands last month! Here's a video of their performance — yes, they really are singing Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down".

"We have some incredibly talented people among Lockheed Martin's 140,000 employees," Troy Scully of corporate communications tells me. "The employee response to the 'Go Anywhere, Do Anything' music video has been incredibly positive. Several employee bands and individual musicians from across the company have since volunteered to participate in any future music video projects." ?

Defense Mechanism's bandmembers aren't giving up their day jobs. "I am a test technician, primarily wirecheck by hand and writing and executing automated tests," says Bob Volk. However, the Red Cross win is a huge accomplishment for the band after three years of trying. "As an added bonus for winning," Troy Scully says, "the band also gets to play at this year's Empire Brew Fest."

Man, those test technicians know how to party.

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