The Recall News That's Not Getting Enough Attention

While much of the country is fixated on the millions of Toyota vehicles that have been recalled, there's news about recalled cars that is getting little attention.


Earlier this week, GM and Carfax announced agreed to cooperate on sharing information about recalled vehicles and those that have been fixed. On the surface, this may not seem like a big deal. Truth is, it's long overdue.

Here's how it will work. GM will provide Carfax with the serial numbers of recalled models and detailed information about whether or not it's been fixed.

That way, when you buy a used GM vehicle and you get the carfax report, it will say if the car was part of a recall and had been repaired. Sounds simple, and should be.

Unfortunately, many recalled cars are never fixed and people buy/sell them with little knowledge of what's happened.

The good news is that the majority of recalls in the auto industry are for minor problems. If they aren't fixed, it's usually no big deal. Unfortunately, there are many others for defects that could cause serious, sometimes deadly accidents. Wouldn't you want to know it's been repaired before you bought it? Absolutely.

Carfax has already been a major reason why the sometimes shady business of buying and selling used vehicles has become a better experience for car buyers. Now working with GM, Carfax is showing that everyone should know if they are considering a recalled car and whether it's been fixed.


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