Bet Your Dollar on US Equities: Strategist

Invest in U.S. stocks as the recovery is kicking in, said Vasu Menon, VP of wealth management, Singapore at OCBC Bank.

“We like U.S. equity markets,” Menon told CNBC Asia Pacific's Protect Your Wealth, prompting the bank’s decision to move the U.S. from an ‘underweight’ position to ‘neutral’.

“We would suggest that investors put as much as maybe 70-80 percent of their money into equity markets if they have got the appetite for risk,” he added.

Besides the U.S., he is also bullish on emerging markets, especially Asia ex-Japan.

“We think that particular area has a lot of upside, strong growth potential (and) the valuations are reasonable if you look out into 2011, 2012,” revealed Menon.

However, this bet is not 100% safe too as he noted that 2010 valuations are in the mid-teens, indicating that they are rather stretched at this juncture so there could be volatility and downside risk.

Menon is also positive on the commodities sector, as it is "a risky trade" but for the medium term, he said that he sees a lot of upside in that sector.

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