Inflation Will Create Investment Opportunity Here: Alan Lancz

Signs of an improving domestic economy helped send US stocks higher for the second day on Thursday. How should investors be positioned? Steven Stahler, president of Stahler Investment Group, and Alan Lancz, president of Alan B. Lancz & Associates, shared their insights.

“I still expect this two-step forward, one-step back market,” Lancz told CNBC. “We’re seeing more uncertainty and greater headwinds down the road so I think investors need to be proactive.”

Despite the headwinds, Stahler said he still sees companies that are leaders in their spaces buying back shares and increasing dividends.

Stahler said he "particularly" likes Qualcomm .

In the meantime, Lancz expects the markets to take some backward steps. Despite the "recovery that’s coming," he warned of the effects of "inflation and taxes.”

“Any one of those things can take the legs out of this,” Lancz said.

However, he sees a bright spot in the commercial real estate sector.

“There’s a lot of buys out there and inflation is going to help bolster those prices in the near future,” he said of the sector.

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