The Best NatGas Company You've Never Heard Of?

With BP’s big oil spill in the gulf, it might seem President Obama would focus more on natural gas — the cheaper, cleaner, abundant alternative that would create many high-paying jobs and allow us to stop subsidizing unfriendly foreign regimes.

"I think you’d be wrong. This President has pledged his allegiance to the fairytale solution of clean coal through carbon capture, and remember he didn’t crack down on the coal industry after the terrible tragedy that befell the coal miners in West Virginia, along with pie-in-the-sky solar, wind and biomass," Cramer said.

You can’t count on Presidential help for natural gas, he continued. If these stock’s are going to get any assistance, it’s coming from abroad — think about Reliance Industries' just closed $1.7 billion deal for 40 percent of new Cramer fave Atlas Energy’s core Marcellus Shale acreage position, or Mitsui’s joint venture with Anadarko , where it paid $1.4 billion for 32.5 percent of Anadarko’s Marcellus assets.

Given the massive resource opportunity in the Marcellus Shale in Appalachia, and the incredible amount of interest in Marcellus acreage from big foreign players, "we were intrigued when, while reading through a UBS initiation report on Range Resources , we saw a name that we weren't familiar with: National Fuel Gas . Do you know this has the largest Marcellus acreage per share, and the fourth largest overall," Cramer said.

NFG is a diversified energy company, part exploration and production business, one part pipeline play, and part utility. Not only does it have massive upside potential from the Marcellus shale by drilling for more natural gas, Cramer said, but NFG also has pipeline and storage assets throughout the area, which, over time, could be expanded to serve other producers in the region who are starved for infrastructure to get their gas to market.

More importantly, NFG has a "unique, holistic perspective" on the natural gas business where it’s in every part of the food chain, which CEO David Smith discussed with Cramer. Watch the video to see the full interview.

Cramer’s charitable trust owns BP.

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