New Winners and Losers in Gulf Oil Spill

Winners and losers in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

Offshore drillers are again under pressure on concerns that there may be a partial shutdown in drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico:

- Hercules ,

- Diamond Offshore ,

- Noble

- and ENSCO are again weak today.

So are smaller exploration and production (E&P) firms with a primary presence there:

- McMoran ,

- W&T Offshore ,

- Stone Energy

- and Energy XXI .

But attention has moved this morning to those who might be involved in the cleanup.

Superior Energy Services owns a subsidiary, Wild Well Controls, that makes a dome that can be placed over the leak. It's called the Subsea Oil Recovery System, and it is supposed to collect hydrocarbons and pump them onto ships.

At a conference call last week, SPN officials acknowledged they had been contacted by BP: "We are involved, and that's really all we can say."

Look at Clean Harbors , which specializes in emergency cleanups, and has gone from $56 to $68 in just the last four trading sessions.

Hornbeck Offshore Services owns several dozen offshore supply vessels; it moved from $20 to $25 but is down today.

One problem for investors: the Gulf of Mexico is a very fragmented market. Traders and analysts tell me that there are many mom and pop boat, tug and barge operators that are now gearing up for the cleanup.

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