How You Can Star in Star Wars!

Source: jibjab

OK, I know there are plenty of serious issues facing investors right now. Apple shares were getting slammed again this morning, and same goes for Google , though tech is staging a valiant comeback from their earlier lows today. (Google is now roaring back!) The images from Greece are horrifying. There's big time concern over Portugal.

So, amid all this nerve-racking news, a little distraction courtesy of the creative folks over at Jib-Jab. These are the online animation people in Southern California that we've had so much fun with in the past.

Source: jibjab

This morning, they're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the "Empire Strikes Back" with new jib-jabs based on that iconic film, along with "Return of the Jedi" and "A New Hope."

The company has signed a deal with the good folks over at LucasFilm, and these are lots and lots of fun.

I know there's serious work to do today, but if you're looking for a break, click here.

May the farce be with you!