SafeRTOS SIL3 Compliant RTOS Available for Texas Instruments SIL3 Compliant MCU

BRISTOL, England, May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems has announced SafeRTOS is available for the SIL3 compliant Texas Instruments TMS570LS microcontroller (MCU) family for safety related applications.

The combination of High Integrity System's SafeRTOS kernel and TI's TMS570 ARM Cortex-R4F transportation and safety MCU affords designers a greater level of simplicity when creating and validating safety critical devices.

TI developed the TMS570 MCUs for use in safety related applications. Target applications include ABS, electronic power systems, battery management and radar driver assistance.

SafeRTOS is a small, robust real-time operating system designed for safety critical applications and is supplied with an independently validated certification pack to speed certification in IEC61508 and related standards in transportation, nuclear, industrial and medical applications.

TUV SUD first certified the operating system's mature design process in 2007.

SafeRTOS offers a low risk approach and brings the benefits of off-the-shelf software to applications with safety implications or certification requirements.

Exida has independently certified the TI TMS570 development process and safety concept.

The small, efficient kernel uses less than 10k flash and a few hundred bytes of RAM. It is supplied with design assurance packs tailored to meet IEC 61508 SIL3, FDA510(k) Class III and EN62304.

"Combining soft and hardware that have both been developed to meet the certification needs of safety critical applications is a leap forward for the industry," said the head of marketing at High Integrity Systems, David Brook.

"The TI chip and HIS software have been developed specifically with the objective of being deterministic, verifiable and able to meet certification requirements." About WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems is a subsidiary of the German industrial technology group, WITTENSTEIN AG. The group employs over 1500 people worldwide and has a strong track record of technology innovation. WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems is based in the UK and develops the OpenRTOS(TM) and SafeRTOS(TM) robust embedded kernels for use in industrial, medical and aerospace applications, which require certification. Additional information about High Integrity Systems is accessible at SOURCE: WITTENSTEIN CONTACT: For press inquiries: Publitek Marketing Communications Rob Ashwell, account director Tel. +44(0)1225-470000 Skype: robpublitek Email: rob.ashwell(at) or For further product and sales information: High Integrity Systems David Brook, head of sales and marketing Tel. +44(0)1275-395-600 Email: Copyright Business Wire 2010 -0- KEYWORD: United Kingdom

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