Frbiz: Developing B2B Website Marketing Strategy

BEIJING, May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Many Chinese B2B websites currently are not actually as effective as they could be. Frbiz presents the basic characteristics of B2B sites, and offers solutions for users to analyze and develop suitable B2B marketing strategies.

Many Chinese B2B websites have influence far less than B2C or C2C websites. This shows that B2B websites are different from portal websites and other general websites; the B2B e-commerce environment is still quite immature, and there still has a long way to go.

Basic Patterns and Characteristics B2B sites: When referring to B2B site models, people may first think that it is a platform for companies to post supply and demand information or transactions; in fact, this is only one model. In accordance with enterprises participating in different ways, B2B sites' main models can be divided into two categories: large enterprises B2B websites and B2B websites operated by third parties. Different types of B2B sites have their own characteristics and operation models.

1. Large-scale Enterprise B2B websites Large enterprises, in order to provide efficiency, reduce inventory, lower purchasing, sales, and service costs or for other reasons, conduct their transactions through the Internet, so they have set up B2B sites, to achieve e-commerce between enterprises.

For large scale enterprises, B2B web sites are able to achieve true e-commerce sultions. The vast majority of business activities can be dealt with through this type of network, such as supply and demand information, transmission of electronic documents, online payments and settlements, goods delivery and after sales services, etc.

2. B2B Websites Operated by Third Parties Network Enterprises' significant contribution to the traditional economy because it reduces cost by offering one the third-party management platform for many B2B participants. This type of Web site information platform has several values for enterprises, mainly as follows: to increase market opportunities, compare channels, to promote project cooperation, company brand promotion and so on.

Increased market opportunities: Enterprises use B2B trading platforms to publish product supply information, reducing the cost of advertising, directly generating new orders, adding new customers, and expand the company's sales channels.

Comparison of supply channels: Through B2B websites' published information, buyers can easily compare suppliers, find products at moderate prices. Using more traditional methods of information gathering and sourcing will usually take more time.

Promote project cooperation: B2B website generate more oppportunities for enterprise business cooperation, because for most of the industrial enterprises, depending on product's production and sales, there are relatively stable sales channels. Getting more orders through the B2B web site is a good thing.

Brand promotion: For most medium and small enterprises, there is little or even no specific budget for brand promotion, full use of B2B websites can help build branding without spending any money. Who can deny it branding effect? About is a promising e-commerce company and a leading vertical search engine company in China. offers a variety of high quality products such as glass drinkware ( ), bird netting ( ), biometric clocks ( ) and many more.

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