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Gene Therapy Center at University of North Carolina Utilizes Unotron Hermetically-Sealed, Medical Grade Washable Keyboards to Enhance Germ-Free Lab Environment

DALLAS, May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Gene Therapy Center at the University of North Carolina (UNC) asserts that Unotron's ruggedly designed, airtight SpillSeal(R) technology offers an optimal solution for use where a sterile environment is critical. Unotron (, creator of hermetically-sealed, dishwasher safe, medical grade washable computer keyboards, scroll wheel mice, and smartcard readers, announced today that its keyboards provided to the UNC Gene Therapy Center offer an optimal solution for preventing contamination to samples and the spread of the germs.

Joshua Grieger, Ph.D., Associate Scientist and Head of Process Development of the Gene Therapy Center at UNC, notes, "We need to maintain a sterile setting in our lab that enables us to ensure reproducible scientific results. The risk of contamination is a critical issue, and one that cannot be ignored. We now rely upon Unotron's technology to mitigate this risk -- Unotron keyboards have passed the test." The scientists at the Gene Therapy Center at UNC reports they have contemplated the use of several keyboards, but all others had a drain hole design, which can easily trap bacterial and viral particles, thus negating the washing process.

The scientists were impressed that they were able to quickly wash and shake the Unotron keyboard dry for immediate use. After performing various tests, they decided that because Unotron keyboards were comfortable to use without sacrificing critical features, the Unotron keyboards were their best choice for work in the lab. Unotron keyboards are the gold standard for the Gene Therapy Center at UNC.

The most powerful hospital-grade cleanser can be utilized on Unotron products without corroding the technology or compromising usability, and compared to similar products, Unotron's keyboards are affordably priced.

"We're more than gratified to partner with this outstanding institution," says Joseph H. Carabello, director of Unotron. "We are pleased that the Gene Therapy Center at UNC joins other institutions of higher learning in maintaining the integrity of scientific research and in preventing the spread of germs among lab users." For more information on Unotron's SpillSeal products, visit, or call 800.469.7440.

About Unotron With 30 years of OEM manufacturing experience, Unotron maintains a global footprint with offices located across North America, Europe and Asia, making everyday computing clean and safe for organizations around the world. Unotron designs, manufactures and markets high quality, washable data input and security devices that are easily cleaned and disinfected to mitigate the spread of infection in healthcare, education, commercial and government environments.

Unotron holds patents for SpillSeal(R) technology and draws upon a catalogue of patents in automated manufacturing systems and office products. For more information, visit or call 800.469.7440. Find Unotron on Facebook. Subscribe to Unotron's blog at: SOURCE: Unotron CONTACT: CPR For Unotron Alyson Kuritz 201-641-1911 x 51 Copyright Business Wire 2010 -0- KEYWORD: United States

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