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Sunoco Issues 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report

PHILADELPHIA, May 10, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Sunoco, Inc. (NYSE: SUN) announced today that it has issued its 2009 Corporate Responsibility Report, marking the eighteenth consecutive year that the company has publicly reported its performance.

In 1993, Sunoco became the first Fortune 500 company to endorse the Ceres Principles, a 10-point code of environmental conduct that includes public reporting of environmental performance. Sunoco believes that excellence in health, environment and safety (HES) goes hand-in-hand with financial performance.

The report provides comprehensive information in the following areas: environmental performance; employee and contractor safety; energy use; climate change initiatives; product stewardship; security and business continuity; workforce preparedness; and community engagement. HES data contained in the report reflect the performance of Sunoco's various business units, as well as individual facilities. In addition, the report reinforces the importance of continuous improvement, discusses challenges anticipated over the next three to five years, and includes anecdotes that highlight various HES-related activities, such as Sunoco's involvement with Community Advisory Panels.

The report, which uses the Global Reporting Initiative Reporting Framework Version 3 or G3, is available at: Choose Health, Environment & Safety from the top navigation and then click Sunoco's Corporate Responsibility Reports. Important features of the online version can be found by accessing the "How to Use This Report" link located in the top navigation bar on each Web page of the report.

Ceres, a unique coalition of institutional investors, environmental organizations and public interest groups, is a worldwide leader in standardized corporate environmental reporting through the Global Reporting Initiative. More than 70 corporations have now joined with Sunoco to endorse the Ceres Principles and work with Ceres to find concrete solutions to environmental challenges.

Contact information: Telephone: (610) 833-3488 Fax: (866) 244-9021 E-mail: H Sunoco, Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products. With 675,000 barrels per day of refining capacity, approximately 4,700 retail sites selling gasoline and convenience items, approximately 6,000 miles of crude oil and refined product owned and operated pipelines and 41 product terminals, Sunoco is one of the largest independent refiner-marketers in the United States. Utilizing a technology with several proprietary features, Sunoco's cokemaking facilities in the United States have the nominal capacity to manufacture approximately 3.67 million tons annually of high-quality metallurgical-grade coke for use in the steel industry. Sunoco also is the operator of, and has an equity interest in, a 1.7 million tons-per-year cokemaking facility in Vitoria, Brazil.

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