These Banks Will See Topline Growth: Stock Picker

How should investors be trading in these volatile market situations? Jamie Cox, managing partner at Harris Financial Group, and Dan Genter, president, chief executive and chief investment officer of RNC Genter Capital Management, discussed their market outlooks.

“This is a grand opportunity, if you’re a long-term investor, to pick up a lot of value,” Cox told CNBC.

“The volatility presents a unique opportunity to pick up stocks that are getting hammered unnecessarily. And if you’re on my side of the aisle, you buy into these dips.”

Cox added that investors shouldn’t be concerned with the Europe contagion threat.

Meanwhile, Genter agreed that investors should try to buy into the market dips.

“We certainly kicked the can down the road with regards to the European sovereign debt problem, but we kicked it far enough down the road that it should allow investors domestically to refocus on issues we have at home."

"And that story’s very good and it’s riding on the back of earnings,” said Genter.

He expects earnings to rise 30 percent this year and recommended investors start looking into bank stocks.

“It’s going to be slow on the topline, but you’re going to see some topline growth. And certainly from an earnings standpoint, it’s going to continue and we have a steep yield curve that they’ll be able to ride on.”

Genter's recommendations include JPMorgan , Bank of America and Wells Fargo .

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