How To Announce A Sponsorship Deal—The Right Way

Every week, I get at least 10 announcements from companies telling me about what their latest product is or something about their latest endorser.

The problem is, there’s more clutter than ever before and a lot of people in the industry have failed to change their ways. Sure, they’ve gone from fax to e-mail, but they haven’t gotten any more creative. And creativity often plays a part in whether or not I choose a story.

What’s so funny is, it’s just so simple. Send me the product with the guy’s face on it. Show me why it’s cool or different. Get my attention.

Trust me, it’s not about the schwag. I have to return items that are above a certain dollar amount, so it’s not like I’m looking for a free set of golf clubs from Nike . What it is about is getting through to me and making me write or making me put something on air because it’s so good I can’t resist.

Bottle of Gentleman Jack to Darren Rovell compliments of Trevor Immelman
Oliver Quillia for
Bottle of Gentleman Jack to Darren Rovell compliments of Trevor Immelman

Case in point, Jack Daniels and its new partnership with Trevor Immelman.

Immelman might be the 2008 Masters champion, but since then he has really struggled with only two top 10 finishes in 35 PGA Tour appearances.

If I received a press release, I honestly wouldn’t have done anything.

But the folks who run the Jack Daniels brand wrote up a letter from Immelmanand included a bottle with Immelman’s name and logo on it and my name as well.

It’s a pretty impressive lesson on how to do things right.

And now you know that the two have forged a partnership.