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What state did Boeing choose to test its new 787 Dreamliner against extreme cold temperatures?

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Florida
  4. Minnesota

In order to test the performance of its wide-body 787 Dreamliner, Boeing brought it to the largest climate simulator in the world, the McKinley Climatic Center in the Florida Panhandle, where the aircraft was sealed into an airtight hangar and subjected to a temperature of 45 degrees below zero. Normally, the airplane would have been tested in a location with naturally frigid temperatures, such as Northern Canada or Russia. However, the cold weather tests were delayed until the middle of spring, and according to test engineer Tom Sanderson, this necessitated a plan B. "We had no option for natural cold until next winter, and that doesn't fit with our plan to deliver the first 787 by the end of this year."

SOURCE: Boeing Begins Cold-Weather Testing of Dreamliner | Wall Street Journal