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As of 2008, how many Big Macs has Wisconsin native Don Gorske eaten?

  1. 3,000
  2. 13,000
  3. 23,000
  4. 33,000

Anyone who's seen the 2004 film "Super Size Me" is likely to remember Don Gorske, the Fond du Lac prison guard who pilgrimages to his local McDonald's every day to eat at least two Big Macs. His habit started on a beautiful May afternoon in 1972, when he ate three of the hamburgers for lunch, and then returned two more times that same day to wolf down six more. He's been going there every day ever since, and in 2008 he achieved the distinction of having eaten 23,000 of them since that first fateful day during the Nixon administration.

SOURCE: Wisconsin Man Eats 23,000 Big Macs |