The Business of Bad Parenting


If you've ever been caught screaming at your kids in public, or giving them a little whack on the backside, I feel your humiliation.

Raising children is the best job and the hardest job.

Kids have minds of their own, which, for whatever reason, surprises parents.

So when you children get out of control, how can you keep your cool?

Take a picture of it and put it on a new Web site called S** .

The site was started by a stay at home mom in New York who calls it "the strongest visual birth control on the market today."

Parents post pictures of all the things their children have destroyed—broken dishes, ransacked playrooms, self-inflicted haircuts, mutilated furniture. "CONTRIBUTE. It's therapeutic" is the site's pitch.

Photo by: Bonnie

One of the best photos is this one, where junior does his best to ruin mom's wedding day.


"I have two fantastic preschoolers," says the mom behind the Web site. She's chosen not to give her name, as "this whole thing has happened so fast, and I think I need to try and take this in stages."

She got the idea for the Web site in March.

"My 2-year-old spilled a quart of paint on my dining room rug while attempting to 'help' me with a project. It wasn't his fault, but I was certainly frustrated.

The next morning I ran into a neighbor and groused, in my classiest language, 'They ruin all my s**t!' And with that phrase in my head, I returned home and looked up some domain name possibilities." ?


The rest is recent history.

"Mostly the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive," she says.

"People seem to be finding it funny, which thrills me." She's launched a Facebook page and links to Twitter. "I am also very happy that the child-free set is enjoying laughing at the site, enjoying its apparent effectiveness as visual birth control." ?

Not everyone is amused.

"My favorite group of naysayers that's emerged is the perfect parent set whose perfect children would NEVER do such things and their perfect parenting would NEVER allow even an accidental s**t-ruining event to occur," she says. "It must be so great to never make mistakes and to have compliant toddlers who are never tempted to do dumb things, but I really wouldn't know. " ?

Neither would I. But now that my children are 17 and 19, I can say with some authority that the kids I've known who dumped paint on the carpet weren't the ones who grew up to deal drugs in high school. Instead, it was usually the kid whose parents thought he or she was "perfect". Just sayin. ?

Finally, the woman behind S** says she isn't making and money off it yet, but she isn't opposed to the idea. I see it as great book to give at baby showers. "You've been warned."

Meantime, she's expanding. "I also have a dog who's responsible for whatever damage the kids didn't create." So she's started S** . "Laughing about this cr*p is a lot more fun than crying about it."

On the pet site, there's a lot of that to laugh about. Literally.

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