Precious Metals Will Brighten Your Portfolio: Strategist

Gold and silver must be a part of all portfolios as a hedge or insurance policy, advised Puru Saxena, CEO of Puru Saxena Wealth Management, on CNBC Asia Pacific's Protect Your Wealth, adding that the summer months would be a good time start accumulating the precious metals.

Saxena explained that gold and silver are currently in a "circular uptrend" against paper money, as governments "commit themselves" to destroying the value of their currencies.

"As long as inflation continues all over the world, gold and silver and likely to do well. Miners, which produce the metals, are extremely highly leveraged to the price of gold and are likely to have a very good future over the next three or four years," he added.

Saxena believes every investor should allocate five to 10 percent of their net worth in physical gold bullion, bars or coins, either physically in a safety deposit vault or an exchange traded fund that carries physical gold.

A Good Time to Buy?

Saxena however warned that investors should not rush to buy gold and silver bars right now as gold traditionally enters a seasonal correction during the summer months, during which the precious metal has shown a tendency to pull back.

"Investors are likely to get a better buying opportunity in perhaps a few weeks time -- in June and July, which is when these precious metals make an important low," he clarified.

The uptrend in precious metals is likely to continue for the next few years until the current sovereign debt problems are resolved, he concluded.

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