GM's Quarterly Profit Another Step Towards IPO

General Motors Headquarters
General Motors Headquarters

With a first quarter profit of nearly $900 million dollars ($1.66 per share), GM not only showed it is back in the black, but more importantly, laid another brick in the foundation needed for an IPO.

Could it happen this year? Maybe.

That will depend on several factors, the most important one being the ability to create demand in the markets for GM stock.

GM's CFO, Chris Liddell knows the pressure is on for GM to go public as quickly as possible. After all, it will allow Uncle Sam to begin selling off its 61% stake in the automaker.

Liddell and the other GM executives know they've got to get GM to the point where it not only has a successful IPO, but is also in position for secondary stock offerings to do well.

For that to happen, GM has to show it can make a profit every quarter, and grow the business.

So GM is now in a phase of proving it's worth the investment. Sure, it could do an IPO, but the success of that offering is more important that simply doing it. Ask yourself this question: Would you buy shares of GM today if the company was public traded?

With reports over the weekend that the Treasury Department is interviewing a handful of Wall Street firms to consult with them about a GM IPO, it's clear Washington wants GM public as soon as possible. And while Chris Liddell won't put a deadline on when it will happen, an offering this year is possible. When it happens, Liddell and the rest of GM's leadership wants to show this first quarter profit is just the beginning.


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