Google's Future

Google Headquarters
Google Headquarters

Google skyrocketed to one of the biggest companies on earth since it’s IPO back on August 19th, 2004.

When the company went public six years ago, it was ranked number 209 in terms of market cap when compared to companies around the world.

Now, the company has moved ahead of the pack as the world’s 20th largest public traded company by market cap.

Maria Bartiromo recently sat down with Nikesh Arora, President of Google’s Global Sales Operations and Business Development.

More and more people are getting “connected” to the Internet either via their mobile phones or broadband and Arora does not that trend to slow down anytime soon. Arora said we’ll continue to see growth in the emerging markets.

Arora points out there’s a “big shift of brand advertising” to digital media as people watch more video on the web. In the next five to eight years, Arora “expects 30% of advertising to start shifting towards digital means”

You can read the entire transcript of Bartiromo’s interview with Nikesh Arora here.



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