Taking the Economy's Pulse — With Tacos

Signs of economic recovery abound, from fancy pens to "jerk" insurance. But the tacos tell a different tale.

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Taco Bell, which has in the past made dollar menus look expensive with its sub-buck offerings, this week launched a promotion offering an entire meal for just $2.

That includes the choice of a chicken burrito, double-decker taco, gordita supreme or beefy five-layer burrito, plus Doritos and a medium soda .

These $2 meals recall the troughs of the recession, where we saw all kinds crazy culinary promotions, like steak for $5andlobster at lunch-meat prices, aimed at getting cost-conscious consumers to spend more.

Taco Bell says the reason it's offering such deals this late in the game is because its research shows consumers think value meals are “too pricey and have lost their relevance.” They also think drinks are getting too expensive.

Viva la recession!

Dong .....

Pony Treats:

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Odd Signs of Recovery:

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