Cold Weather Super Bowls Have Happened Before

Rendering of the new Giants Stadium
Rendering of the new Giants Stadium

Later today, NFL owners could give New York the nod for the 2014 Super Bowl. It’s being reported that it will be the first Super Bowl in a cold weather environment.

Not true.

It would be the first Super Bowl game being PLAYED in outdoors in a cold weather city, but the Super Bowl is so much more than the game itself for those that actually attend the game.

It’s the four days leading up to the event—the parties, the meetings, the buzz.

And for that, there has been plenty of cold weather.

Ask the people who went to the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2000 or when the white stuff was coming down in Detroit in 2006. What about Jacksonville in 2005? Perfect Florida weather? Not quite. It was in the 50s all week. Same with Phoenix, where partygoers came without jackets and left quickly if there was a lack of heat lamps.

For the last 10 years that I’ve gone to the Super Bowl city, very few people show up for the fun and sun. They show up to be part of the event. And New York will be the biggest spectacle they’ve ever been a part of and perhaps not the coldest Super Bowl week weather they've ever seen.

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