Super Bowl to Be Played Outdoors in NJ in 2014

The NFL finally fulfilled a marketing dream on Tuesday by bringing their biggest game to the New York area, marking the first time the showcase event will be played outdoors in a cold climate.

David Madison | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images

A vote by the league's 32 owners supported a bid to have the Super Bowl held in the New Meadowlands Stadium where the New York Giants and New York Jets play their 'home' games across the state line in New Jersey.

The joint New York/New Jersey bid beat out offers from Florida rivals Tampa and Miami—with 14 previous Super Bowls between them.

While critics have worried that freezing and windy weather in the New York area in winter could ruin the occasion. the winning bid's presentation embraced the cold as being part of the game's traditions.

"What a great place to have it, it couldn't be a more fun or more appropriate location—it will be played outside and I hope it snows," said Woody Johnson, Jets chairman and CEO.

"It's absolutely fantastic for everyone that likes to watch NFL football around the world," said Steve Tisch, Giants chairman.

The NFL has traditionally insisted the Super Bowl, normally played in January or February, must be held in areas where the external temperature exceeds 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) or in a stadium that has a closed roof.

But the NFL's Super Bowl Advisory Committee agreed to a waiver for 2014 to allow the Giants and Jets, who play their "home" games across the state line in New Jersey, to submit a joint bid for their new stadium opening this year.

"The world's biggest game will take place on the world's biggest stage," New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement.

Miami has hosted the Super Bowl 10 times, including this year. Tampa staged the game for the fourth time last year.

Dallas (2011), Indianapolis (2012) and New Orleans (2013) will host the next three Super Bowls.