BP CEO Needs to Step Back from Crisis

Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, is taking the blame for the April 20 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that has leaked at least 6 million gallons into the Gulf, but now could be the right time for him to take a step back, according to a public relations expert.

"You have to give him credit for stepping out in front when a lot of CEOs hide in times of crisis," Aaron Kwittken, CEO Kwittken & Company told CNBC Tuesday.

Although it is the CEO’s role to be both the guy at fault and the hero, it is time for Hayward to take a step back, Kwittken said.

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He added that the CEO can't be the master of all trades so it would be best to let the experts such as scientists and engineers speak.

However, Hayward is now beginning to ease off the public relations offensive and let experts do the talking, according to Kwittken.

“Really great communications is not a surrogate for corporation dysfunction or for operational dysfunction and that’s what we’re seeing here right now,” Kwittken said.

BP competitors have been silent during the crisis, but they need to talk about the best way to move forward, Kwittken said.

What began as an operational issue is now a reputation issue, he added.

BP should talk more about the $500 million the company is putting into research and recovery efforts both environmental and economic, Kwittken added.