Robbers Blow Up Bank but Leave with Empty Pockets

A rural German bank was destroyed, but the cash machine remained after suspected robbers attempted to use explosives to break into the bank through the front door, the BBC reported, citing German news media sources.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Image: 20th Century Fox Pictures
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The robbers underestimated the explosives, most likely made from petrol or acetylene, and caused an explosion, destroying the building and damaging cars and nearby shops, German broadcaster NDR said.

The blast occurred around 2 am local time (1 am London time) on Tuesday in the northern village of Malliss, Germany, according to various German news media reports.

Robbers appeared to have looted the bank, but were not successful in stealing any of the money, despite a possible get-away vehicle parked outside, the local media reported.

Pieces of debris from the blast were found up to 50 meters away from the bank. The explosion also caused a gas line to break and leak gas, but the line was fixed by 4 am local time, Germany's Welt Online said.

The report also stated that no one in the village of 1,400 people was hurt in the blast.

This is not the first time robbers have unsuccessfully attempted to use explosives to commit theft in the German town. In December 2005, men attempted to blow-up an ATM, according to the Welt Online.