Tim Seymour: Best Ways to Invest in China Now

While investors are worried about the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, should they also be concerned about China? Tim Seymour, founder of Emergingmoney.com and frequent CNBC contributor, discussed his insights.

“The Chinese market is cheap, but on the other side you have these property bubble concerns,” Seymour told CNBC.

“People are very divided on where they should place their investments right now.”

Seymour said investors who want to look into China should find companies that have exposure to the domestic consumers.

“The Internet names—these are not pegged heavily to the property market and you don’t have the a lot of the companies like the insurance companies that are invested in the market,” he suggested.

“Look at companies such as Shanda —valuations are better than Baidu ,” he advised.

“Or look at the companies that are exporting into China from Europe…Daimler sales to China have gone from 5 to 12 percent in two years and they’re growing massively.”

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