Is the BP Oil Spill Obama's Katrina?

Smoke rises from a controlled burn May 19, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico.
Getty Images
Smoke rises from a controlled burn May 19, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2005, President Bush received massive criticism for what many viewed as a slow response to Hurricane Katrina. Five years later, President Obama is now being cited by some for responding too slowly to the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This leads to today's Kudlow Caucus question: Is this crisis Obama's Katrina?

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The Kudlow Caucus Breakdown

Jerry BowyerChief Economist, Benchmark Financial Network
We've gone from Bush's "Brownie's doing a good job." To Obama's implied "BP's doing a good job". Both came off as more hapess than presidential.

Kellyanne ConwayCEO and President
the polling company™
No, because of the difference in advance knowledge. Obama’s anemic response, however, aggravated by his detachment and time spent in places other than the Gulf on matters other than the spill confirm the public distrust and disgust toward Washington.

David P. GoldmanSenior Editor
First Things
The press will still treat him differently than they did Bush. They won’t frame him for it the way they did Bush.

David GoodfriendLawyer
There's no comparison between the head-in-the-sand, gone-on-vacation, "Brownie, your doing great" negligence displayed by the Bush White House after Katrina and the efforts of the Obama Administration after the BP spill. Of course, if it were me, I'd nationalize BP North America and ask questions later, but that's just me (and I've never been elected to anything!).

Jim LaCampPortfolio Manager, Portfolio Focus, RBC Wealth Management
Co-Host, Opening Bell Radio Show, Biz Radio Network
But in a different way. For Obama, it could be worse: a betrayal of his base ala bush 1's caving on taxes. Obama has already lost the "middle 10 pct" to the tea party types, and with the spill, (coming right on the heels of his endorsement of offshore drilling) his neutered response will hurt him.

Art LafferFmr. Reagan Economic Advisor
Chief Investment Officer, Laffer Investments
Both are natural disasters which means they were not caused by the government and the government could not deal with either one.

Donald L. Luskin Chief Investment Officer, Trend Macrolytics LLC
It was unfair to tag Bush for Katrina. The feds an only do so much to foresee and prevent disasters and respond to them. And it’s equally unfair to tag Obama for this. But if you are going to tag Bush, you have to tag Obama.

Can’t we give up on the “nanny state” fantasy? Katrina was just Katrina. And the Gulf spill is just the Gulf spill. Neither belongs to the then-presiding president. Presidents don’t control the world. And even if they do, they shouldn’t.

Steve MooreSr. Economics Writer, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board
Obama's EPA, Interior, and Coast Guard have completely mishandled the clean up operation and have made these agencies look like the three stooges in their ability to handle a crisis like this. Why hasn't the press been tougher on Obama for the horid crisis management?

Peter Navarro
Business Professor
University of California, Irvine
President Tar Between the Toes failed to show up for almost two weeks, was soft on BP, and the spill will do more long term economic damage to the region (and energy policy) than Katrina could ever imagine.

James Pethokoukis
Money & Politics Columnist
It is his Iranian Hostage Crisis, a slow-motion disaster that could play out for months or years if the "damn hole" isn't plugged, crippling his presidency. And like Jimmy Carter, there is not a whole lot he can personally do to fix it.

Robert Reich
Former Labor Secretary
Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Bush did nothing for weeks, even after the devastation ended. Obama is actively engaged even as the devastation continues.

Mark Walsh
Political Strategist and Campaign Innovator
No warning versus Katrina. MMS asleep at the switch versus national weather service and ONE Corp at fault who stiff-armed government help.