'Worst' Stocks Will Be 'Best' Performers: Analyst

The 50 worst performing stocks during the previous correction in February are the best bargain stocks during this recovery phase, said Cleve Reuckert, senior equity analyst at Birinyi Associates. He shared his investment strategies with CNBC.

Reuckert is still bullish on the markets and said the recent correction due to the euro zone problems is only a “short-term crisis.”

“There have been other sovereign debt crises in the past and the market has gotten over it and moved on and that’s what will happen now,” he said.

“It’s more likely that we’ll see more gains once we get through it.”

How He Invests:

“This is a case where you want to buy the losers,” Reucker told CNBC.

“It’s difficult to buy the stocks that have gone down and it’s difficult to hold positions that you have a significant loss on, but we found that the worst performing stocks are the best performers in the ensuing recovery.”

So where are the best sectors for these bargain stocks?

“With the currency issue, the materials, energy and commodity names have sold off significantly and probably present the best opportunity,” he explained.

Reucker's Bargain-Stock Recommendations:

Financial Stocks:

Genworth Financial

Marshall & Ilsley



Energy Stocks:

Massey Energy

Rowan Companies

Anadarko Petroleum

Cameron International

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