Positioning Your Portfolio for a Recovery: 4-Star Fund Manager

As experts debate the sustainability of the economy's recent upswing, Mike Shinnick, portfolio manager at the four-star rated Wasatch-1st Source Long/Short Fund, said his firm is employing a value-investing strategy that combines both short- and long-term positions. (See his specific stock picks below.)

"Those pundits who, in a sense, think that this is not a sustainable recovery and expect it to happen near-term, we think are missing the fact that there is enough stimulus and real demand in order to power this economy forward," he said.

Still, Shinnick said that recovery growth rates may be lower than normal for the next year to year and a half, and said his fund has found more attractive opportunities on the long side.

Shinnick's Long-Term Picks:

Devon Energy —The company has been making progress that has yet to be reflected in its stock price, Shinnick said.

Unum Group

Symmetry Medical

Shinnick's Short-Term Sector Pick:

Commercial Real Estate—Public Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have gone up considerably over the past year, and they've priced in a recovery in terms of asset values and rents, Shinnick said.

"We don't necessarily think that's likely, given the supply overhang," he said.

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Disclosure information was not available for Shinnick or his fund.