Hedge Fund Pro's Short-Term Sector Plays

The markets look choppy in the short-term but "there’s a feeling that we are forming a bottom" and there will be opportunities on the upside longer-term, said Richard Del Bello, senior partner at Conifer Securities. So where should investors put their money?

“A lot of people are playing on the short-side with ETFs,” Del Bello told CNBC.

He said traders are cautious about the energy sector and playing the short-side until the oil spill issue gets resolved in the Gulf coast. He added that the financials are also a short-term play.

“The U.S. is looking strong because of what’s happening in Europe, but there’s a question about balance sheets and whether or not that contagion is going to hit here,” he explained. “Until things get cleared up in Europe, it’s still a question out there.”

Meanwhile, Del Bello said the technology sector is becoming a “safe haven” for equities.

“Apple is the one name that keeps on ploughing,” he said.

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