Cramer: BP Spill, Obama Boosting NatGas

“This is natural gas’ moment,” Cramer said during Thursday’s Stop Trading!.

With President Obama’s endorsement yesterday, BP’s spill in the Gulf of Mexico and coal already a well-known polluter, the spotlight now is shining on nat gas. This cleaner, more plentiful fuel may finally be recognized as a viable alternative to crude and coal, Cramer said, calling it “the lesser of all evils.”

Cramer also pointed out that today the Environmental Protection Agency finalized its limits for sulfur dioxide emissions. Now it’s “very clear that these old coal plants are going to have to be phased out,” he said, making it “more likely that they’ll have to use natural gas.”

“Hence what Exxon really bought XTO for,” Cramer said.

Back to that BP spill, Cramer thinks the shallow drillers – Hercules Offshore, Noble, Seahawk Drilling, Pride International – could do well if relief wells were dug for existing wells as a failsafe to prevent similar disasters in the future. He said it would be “a remarkable thing for them.”

Today’s market meanwhile is trading on speculation about the euro, job creation and oil, Cramer said, and that’s why investors are seeing a “bizarre fast market up, fast market down” pattern in the averages. He called Thursday “the most rumored day that I’ve seen in ages.”

In smartphones, Cramer said he likes Sprint Nextel ahead of its 4G rollout, Vodafone as a cheap way to play wireless growth and Apple even though the charts deem otherwise.

And lastly, in cloud computing, Cramer pointed to the action in VMware and , naming them the go-to stocks for investors interested in this technology. Derivative plays like Microsoft and Oracle aren’t do nearly as well, he said.

When this story published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple and BP.

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