Redesign BP’s Logo Contest—Monsters, Flames and Oil, Oh My!

Everyone has a different way of coping with a massive crisis like the oil spill in the Gulf.

Some people rush to the scene to try to offer help to the victims. Others vent their anger to their local congressman — or the president. And still others sit in the glow of their computer monitor in their mom’s basement while they Photoshop pictures for the amusement of themselves and others.

Enter , which is capitalizing on that latter group, holding a “Redesign BP’s Logo” contest.

Unlike other logo contests, the entries in this rage-fueled contest look like they were done by a bunch of psychotic teenagers vandalizing BP's green-and-yellow sunflower logo with handfuls of oil and garbage — or turning them into demonic doodles.

Several entries showed oil pouring out of the logo, engulfing the logo or in the case of this entry from the U.S. – the logo flattened on top of an oil spill, with the oil seeping up into the green of the initials “bp.”

Source: logomyway.com

Another entry from the U.S. reverted back to BP’s old shield logo, but turned it into an exploding BP shield with the tagline, “Beyond Preparedness.”

Source: logomyway.com

Oh, clever Americans.

There were quite a few “monster” entries, including this one from Malaysia that turned the cheery flower into a red-eyed monster with horns.

Source: logomyway.com

Another entry, this one from nearby Indonesia, showed the logo engulfed in flames, with bits of the flower — and the initials BP — falling off in a pile of embers.

Source: logomyway.com

You knew someone was going to take the potty route — you just didn’t know it would be the French.

That entry slapped the BP logo on a toilet seat, with oil oozing down the size of the bowl.

Source: logomyway.com


To check out the latest news on the spill, visit CNBC.com. To see more logos — or to enter one of your own — visit LogoMyWay.com.

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