Mad Mail: Gulf Oil Spill Play or Stay Away?

During Friday's Mad Money, Cramer busted out the mailbag and took your questions.

The first letter came from William, who noted that earlier this week Cramer said he liked Weatherford International and its global exposure. Following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, William asked Cramer for his thoughts on Halliburton , given 62% of its 2009 fiscal-year revenue came from outside North America. Cramer noted that HAL is "too caught up" in the oil spill and that he doesn't want that "headache."

Barb wrote Cramer with a question about Express Scripts , which he mentioned on Thursday's program. The viewer said she is considering buying the stock, but wanted Cramer's take on a potential stock split. They are irrelevant, Cramer replied. He explained that a split has no bearing on whether a stock would go higher or lower. What matters, he said, are fundamentals of companies.

When this story published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Weatherford International.

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