Mad Mail: What’s the Best Semi Stock?

For Monday's Mad Mail, Tom in Wyoming asked Cramer about two semiconductor stocks: Intel and TriQuint . First of all, Cramer said, the market is undergoing a terrible decline and everyone is down on everything. Cramer's fave is Intel, although he likes TriQuint for a speculative play.

The next letter came from Lisa in Annapolis, Md., who owns AT&T . She wondered if Cramer thinks Vodafone has become even more attractive given its potential partnership with India's Reliance. Cramer said he still likes VOD for its growth and lack of landline exposure, something that’s weighing on AT&T.

Mike in Oceanport, NJ, asked Cramer's opinion of offshore-drilling specialist Helix Energy Solutions . He wondered if it's a good buy down here and if Cramer thought it would fall more because of the BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But Cramer said to stay away from big energy plays until the spill is contained. Once that happens, the energy stocks will rally.

When this story published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned BP and Intel.

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