On the Record: Jimmy Lee, JPMorgan Chase

Here at The Strategy Session, we thought it might be interesting to go On the Record with the Power Players who come on the show by asking some questions that you, the on-line reader, may want to know.

James "Jimmy" Lee, Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase, was our guest on Tuesday:

1. What do you like most about being the vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase?

Jimmy Lee: "I love coming to work every day. I'm lucky in the sense that I get to work on, and many times run, our biggest transactions. I like the content of what I do and who I do it with."

2. If you weren't working at JPMorgan Chase, what would you be doing now?

Jimmy Lee: "That's a good question. Probably I would be the Yankees' starting pitcher - NOT. I don't know what I would be doing if I didn't do this. I never really thought too hard about that. I guess I always wanted to have my own company at some stage. I don't really see myself playing golf every day. It would probably be something like having my own business."

Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee

[Follow-up question: Would that business still be in finance?]

Jimmy Lee: "It still would be. One of my basic theories about when people change careers—I remind them of Michael Jordan as a baseball player. It wasn't pretty. If you're good at your sport, stick with it."

3. When you are not working, what is your favorite thing to do?

Jimmy Lee: "I know this sounds like a stock answer but I really love being with my family. I've got a great wife, I got three great kids. I love being with them. To me the family unit is an important sacred place and I enjoy that the most."

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