Radio Tour: It's all About the Oil Spill

Effects of the oil spill, where the economy is going, and the effects of the oil spill ... that's what people are worrying about these days. Oh yeah ... how are we going to keep the banks in line. And effects of the oil spill.

Yes, I did another series of radio interviews and as I've mentioned before, it's a good way to get a look at what's on people's minds beyond the usual financial corridors we deal in. And pretty much all the radio hosts hit on the oil spill.

"How's it going to affect us here in (insert city name)," was pretty much a common question. Unfortunately the answers are negative and a little fuzzy.

Higher gas prices? Probably, between the spill and other factors. (Just ask Boone Pickens)

Environmental effects? Maybe more wide-ranging than originally thought. (Just ask Terry Tamminen)

BP maybe even going bankrupt? Possible. (Just ask Matt Simmons)

The economy was also a concern. And I gave them the glass-half-full and glass-half-empty rundown. Some, like Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, think the economy is on a slow mend. Others think that between past job losses, a possible housing downturn, and Europe debt problems, we're in for a double-dip.

One positive economic indicator, one radio host who had lost his job (one other than his radio gig) had found another.

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