The President's Image Takes Another Hit?

The funny business of high school graduation. Thursday night I head to one. I will sit in a football stadium for two hours, which will only seem like three. I promise not to fall asleep, and, if I do, I promise not to do it on camera. Especially if Barack Obama shows up.

It's been a rough month for President Obama. Earlier this week there was much debate after he talked of kicking "ass" in the oil spill crisis. It certainly caught my attention to hear the Leader of the Free World use the language of an angry soccer dad.

Apparently, however, the President's oratorical skills weren't enough for a student to maintain consciousness Monday night at Kalamazoo Central High School. As the President gives the commencement speech, watch as a student in the back row struggles--and ultimately loses--his fight against falling asleep.

The longer the video runs, the more hilarious it gets. "Why should I sacrifice so much for people I've never even met?" the President asks, while behind him, the young man's head falls to his chest. "Your country needs you." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (One of my favorite spots is two minutes and 45 seconds in, as the girl sitting next to the sleeping student starts blowing air into her cheeks.)

Now, graduation is tough to sit through, and commencement speeches can be dull affairs. But I feel bad for this student. Forget the President extracting street justice from BP. You know this kid's mother kicked his ... you know what ... when he got home.

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