Poll: Do You Like Google's New 'Bing' Look?

Just when you thought Google was winning the Cool War, after delivering that Pac-Man logothat you could play, they go and get all Bing-y with it.

Google homepage with customizable background
Source: google.com
Google homepage with customizable background

Google today launched a feature that allows users to add a background image, making it look suspiciously like Microsoft’s Bing browser, whose signature style is a new exotic image each day.

While Microsoft was

over the resemblance, the collective response from the Internet public was a resounding, “Huh?”

It was like that time you found out Winona Ryder was shoplifting. You just looked to the sky and screamed, “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

Bing homepage
Source: bing.com
Bing homepage

“Remove google background” was one of the top 10 Google searches today.

Philly.com columnist Peter Mucha was like Linus without his blanketover the whole thing.

ZDNet went so far as to suggest that this may be the death knell for Google.

You just wanted to shake them and say, “Don’t you remember Songsmith? Or those Bill Gates-Jerry Seinfeld commercials? Do the words Windows 7 House Partymean nothing to you?”

C’mon, Google. You’re better than that! It’s like your mom said, “If all the other kids are jumping off a bridge, it doesn’t mean you have to, too.”

Now, I want you to go to maps.google.comand type in “cool.” I’m sure you can find your way back!

Do you like Google’s new Bing-ish look? Take our poll and offer up your comments below. Or email ponyblog@cnbc.com.

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