The Good Fortune of Point/Counterpoint

Some journalistic fun hit us this week.

Kate Kelly of CNBC's "Strategy Session" handed in her take on the Blanche Lincoln election. Soon thereafter's John Carney, who hadn't seen Kate's piece, handed in his own take ... with a completely different conclusion.

Hot dog! A "point/counterpoint," as made famous by "60 Minutes" (and made a hoot by SNL).

But it wasn't the only instance. Because of the Kerviel trial we developed a rogue trader slideshow to remind folks of rogues gone by. Low and behold, the folks over at "Fast Money" toss an "Iconic Traders" slideshow our war.

Such polarity is a great way to get at the pros and cons of issues. Journalistic beauty, especially when it comes in a natural, uncontrived circumstance.

Sometimes serendipity smiles on the news desk. It smiled on us twice.