NYSE Says Circuit Breaker Will Be Finished Next Week

Bob Pisani is off; this post was written by CNBC producer Robert Hum.

According to the NYSE, the single-stock circuit breaker rollout will be completed by Wednesday. At that time, the new circuit breaker rules will have been applied to each of the 404 NYSE-listed S&P 500 stocks.

As previously reported, the rollout will begin on Friday, June 11, with only 5 stocks* being subjected to the new rules.

Why just five stocks? That gives each of the NYSE's five Designated Market Maker firms (formerly known as Specialists) just one stock falling under the new rules tomorrow — making it easier to observe any system issues that could possibly arise.

The circuit breakers will then be extended to the other S&P 500 stocks next week, with the breakdown as follows:

Friday, June 11: 5 companies

Monday, June 14: 39 companies

Tuesday, June 15: 179 companies

Wednesday, June 16: 181 companies

The single-stock circuit breakers will trigger a 5-minute trading halt in a stock that moves 10 percent (up or down) within a 5-minute period.

* The Five Stocks in Friday's Experiment:

EOG Resources

Genuine Parts

Harley Davidson

Ryder System

Zimmer Holdings

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