Charity Lunch with Buffett Sets New Record

So much for a slow start.

After failing to set a record last year, the winning bid for this year's charity lunch with Warren Buffett soared to $2,626,311.

That easily tops the $2.1 million that set a record in 2008. Last year's auction went for $1.8 million.

So far, the winner wants to remain anonymous and his or her (or its) name has not been released by the auction's organizers.

All of the proceeds of the auction go to San Francisco's Glide Foundation, a group working to fight poverty in the city.

In a news release, Glide's Reverend Cecil Williams is quoted as saying, "When the final numbers started to come in, there were people rejoicing, people standing together shouting, people opening up. It was something that we needed. Call it spirit, call it soul, call it heart, it happened!"

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