Business Leaders are embracing Social Networking Says New Research From CNBC

New research by CNBC, the business and finance TV network, dispels any misconception that the ‘Business Elite’ shun the world of social media. The results reveal that 61 per cent of viewers have connections with social networking sites and of these 81 per cent of business people have a Facebook account; 52 per cent are connected on LinkedIn and 30 per cent have a Twitter account.

A panel of 267 European business people were polled by CNBC to understand better how they interact and use social media platforms in their work and social lives.

While almost all business people claim to access social media sites at home (97 per cent), over half (55 per cent) also access their accounts at work and a third via mobile devices. More than four in ten claim to check their accounts on a daily basis.

Looking at the three main social media players, almost a third of business users are solus Facebook fans, while 13 per cent only use LinkedIn. However, those who use Twitter are also connected to either LinkedIn or Facebook and 17 per cent interact with all three.

As expected, those who are currently not using social networking sites tend to be slightly older (mean age 54 years) and they cite privacy concerns as their main reason for not using (58 per cent), followed by lack of interest (53 per cent) and 43 per cent would rather not represent themselves in this way.

Mike Jeanes, Research Director, EMEA at CNBC says: “This research reveals the human face of Europe’s business community. There is a huge interest in and engagement with social networking sites amongst many business people at the top of their professions. Whilst it seems that everyone is doing it, this helps to position social media in a wider business context.”

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